SP-10 parts substitution

My Panasonic SP-10 (essentially, the Mark I, though it wasn't called that) has had its on/off switch die, so I now use a remote switch to turn it on & off ... but I'd like to use the switch Matsushita gave it.  Their part number is AM78909 (supplied by a search of their website), but it is unobtanium.

A wee bit of dismantlement reveals that the actual switch is a smallish device, what I'd call a "microswitch".  I expect that anyone who has seen it, and knows even a little more about electronic stuff than I do, knows exactly what Radio Shack has on its shelves that'll fit and do the job.

So this is a shout-out to any SP-10 owners who have that knowledge:  clue me in, please.
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 If you mean start-stop silver button it looks exactly the same as SL1210 which is easy to find in parts, so no problem to buy this button. However, i'm not sure they are compatible as i never tried. Got my SP10mk2 with original button that need some fine tuning, it is not always works properly. Also got pair of SL1210mk2 and as i can that button really looks the same. 
Any switch capable of handling 120VAC and a relatively low current would work.  That's no problem at all. But you probably want to preserve the originality of your deck by fixing the original one, or at least to keep it looking original externally, with the rectangular silvery tab.  I don't know where you are located, but Bill Thalmann of Music Technologies in Springfield, VA, can probably help.  Give him a call or better yet an email from his website.
A picture would help.  This is a sub for the MKII/2A micro switch: http://www.mouser.com/Search/ProductDetail.aspx?R=SS-5Dvirtualkey65300000virtualkey653-SS-5D