SOVEREIGN Glory Amplifier. How good is it?

Hello, I´m interested in SOVEREIGN Glory and would like to know if anyone have experience with this amplifier?
I own a Sovereign Power and have extensive experience with many of their products! IHMO one of the best out there, when I say "best" I mean true to the source material! Not cold, not warm, it sounds very close to nothing at all! I wouldnt hesitate a second if I was you! What speakers do you want to drive?
I own the Sovereign Glory (together with the Sovereign Director preamplifier) and I would not change it for any other power amplifier. It can compete against much more expensive machines. I heard the Glory driving the Tidal Contriva and Piano Cera and the result was amazing. Believe me, these speakers are not forgiving at all.

It is totally neutral but without sounding sterile or edgy like some other top solid state power amplifiers. My personal top pick for amplification both for value for money and level of performance.
hello Geopolitis,
I have a pair of Tidal Piano Cera ... and I'm interested by what you say about Sovereign products, and particulary amplifiers.
I have actually an ASR Emitter 2 Exlusive, but I'm looking for maybe an even best match with a solution pre + amp.
Do you know and could you say to me how a Sovereign Glory sounds VS an ASR Emitter ?
What do you think too of Sovereign VS Vitus amplifiers to match with Tidal speakers ?
How sounds the Preamplfier (Director) too ?
Sorry if my English is not very good ...
Best regards
I am running my Tidal Piano Diaceras with the full suite of BMC electronics. I would recommend BMC if one were willing to make a similar commitment (i.e., transport, DAC/preamp, power amp) as that is the only way to take full advantage of BMC's unique circuit innovations. At European prices I think it is a superior value.
Ulfdantes,I am selling my Sovereign Glory. Check my ad in Audiogon. Where are you locate at?
Hi CkementI,

It is difficult to compare the sound of ASR or Vitus with the Soveireign because I haven't listened all of them driving the Tidals. All I can say is that the combination of Sovereign Director, sovereign Glory and Tidal Piano Cera is probably the best value for money combination I have ever listened in my life. The Sovereign Director is even more impressive than Sovereign Glory in my opinion because there is practically no competition in its price range.
Hello Hic,is the Sovereign still available.
The Sovereign is AWESOME! I have owned it for about 2.5 years, and LOVE the sound. I am using it Bi-Amped with a tube upper, and this one on the lowers.

I am thinking of selling my Glory to buy a high powered tube amp, and simplifying my system. Any takers?

I own the sovereign power amplifier and i am very happy. It's warm, detailed ,strong and musical amplifier . Value for money !!!.