Sovereign Eternity, soulution 710, vitus ss101 mk2

To partner the Sonus Faber Extrema speakers, which of the following amp will you choose, sovereign eternity monos, soulution 710 or the vitus ss101 mk2?
Hi Thf99,

Since no one has yet answered, i'll share my thoughts. Having owned SF Guarneris and Strads, I know something about the SF sound. The earlier generation of SF (like the Electa Amators, and Extrema) reacted differently imho to amplification than the Homage Series. In general, i really like Homage with tubes...they never seemed to work too well imho with, say, Krell.

OTOH, the Krells and the older generation SF were amazing. Thus, in looking at your options (which by reputation are all stunning), i would be most curious about the Sovereigns. I have no doubt they would all sound amazing, but something about the Krells (like the FPB monos) really 'worke' the older SF generation speakers up in a way that combined their natural tonality with an energy that was tremendous to behold.
Many thanks, Lloydelee21, for your response. While Krell amps may be good, somehow I'm not really attracted to their sound. My current amp, the BEL 1001 mk5 monos sound reasonably good with the extremas. I'm currently looking for a new generation amp that will hopefully last me for quite a while.
Hi THF99,

Yes, i agree with your assessment and can understand where you are coming from. I only mentioned Krells because (relative to high-powered tubes which worked well with the SF Homage series), i found Krell to work better with Electa Amator-generation. Thus, of the newer type amps, i was thinking perhaps a similar profile might suit...hence from what i have read about Sovereign. Good luck! All great amps by reputation!