Southwest Technical Products Universal Tiger

Hello All,

I have a pair of the SWTPC Universal Tiger monoblocks that need repair. I tried replacing the power transistors without success, surprise. Also, does anyone who repairs them also do any worthwhile mods? Thanks.
Wow. I've not seen or heard of one of those in decades. I ran a set for several years back in the 70s. They were derelict when I acquired them. What seems to be going on with them?
Simply no sound. They need a thorough going over by a qualified technician. I built them in the early 70s but I'm no electronics troubleshooter.
I'm sure we could handle it, but any technician that can repair a transistor amp can handle the Tiger as well.

However, no sound might be something simple. Have you checked the fuses?
Checked the fuses. Serendipitously, my business partner got wind of a sound engineer who repairs vintage equipment 15 minutes from my house. I dropped off my CM Labs CC-2 preamp to see what he can do. If successful I'll post him.
If he does repairs, he should have no trouble with this one. The Tiger is a pretty straight-ahead circuit.