Southern Indiana/southern Illinois

I tried this a couple years ago.Im 5 years into living in the mid-west from Los Angeles and really missing the audio groups..Anyone out there have an existing club I can join or attend,come on I know your out there.thanks
There is an unofficial group that meets here in Louisville, I live in Indiana west of Georgetown myself. Since I am retired I am here most of the time and am always open to hi-fi visitors if you get over here when there is not a regular meeting. Actually, most of the meetings are spur of the moment things. My phone is 812-366-3916. LA to Southern Indiana, what a culture shock! I actually grew up in Southern Indiana before moving to Chicago, NYC, DC, etc. before coming back here.Give me a call and I will fill you in on the Louisville scene, such as it is. Stan
Hello, Are you guys still meeting? I'll be retiring from the military (U.S. Navy) in about 2 years and would love to join a audiophile club to listen, learn and share music. I'm originally from Bloomington. Still meeting in Louisville? Mikel
Yes, we don't have an official club and there aren't that many of us but still going. Email me anytime. Or give me a call; 812-366-3916. Stan Wallen.
Yes, we don't have an official club and there aren't that many of us but still going. Email me anytime.
I live in Southern IL, just about halfway between St. Louis and Evansville. I moved here in 2004 from northern California. I have a nice system, 5 Magnepan speakers, (2-20.1's, 2-3.6's and a center,) NAD M15 preamp and two Parasound JC-1 monoblock amps on the front maggies plus a Fosgate amp for the other channels. Good solid foundation from a Sunfire EQ Signature sub. For playing music, the system has a Logitech Transporter, Esoteric multi-player and an Oppo Blue-Ray multi-player. Hope to hear from someone.
I live in the Quad Cities, 180 miles west of Chicago. Been here 9 years, originally fom San Diego.
I now am living in Vincennes in

I have Gamut speakers and amp, Metrum Hex decoder, Meridan for cd turntable. LP12 down just now, Much more in storage.

Phone now 812-494-2403 Stan Wallen


PM sent.  Thank You.
TY- stanwal

check your PM. Also, I see (2) contact phone #'s

812.494.2403 & 812.366.3916 - are both of these correct?

Happy Listening!
Thanks! again- stanwal.