Southern Califonia Hi-Fi Swap Meet ?


Have any of you ever been to this swap meet. I live down in San Diego and was wondering if it's worth the trip up. I also hear there's a record show that goes on.

There a lot of record shows in LA/San Diego area. The two that I normally go to are the Sequoa Swap Meet (in Buena Park) every last Sunday of the month and the Pasadena City College Swap Meet (in Pasadena) which is help on the first Sunday.

The only high end equipment swap meet that I knew was held by Upscale Audio. You may wish to check with its web site.
I have gone to the Sequioa swap meet that rdr4b mentions. You could pick some good music or tubes or used equipment or cables for about audiogon prices. Lots of vintage stuff too. Worth driving from San Diego? May be try once and see if you like it. Ones I have gone to was pretty small swap meet. By it is 5 miles from my home so for me its just like running an errand...
We will hold it next year. It's on our website

I was not effective in getting it into the mags for advertisng/announcements. We were short handed here, and with fewer staff higher business, so it made it tough.

I would like to get a few small "boutique" tube companies to come too. Maybe a featured guest. We have had some show previously. There is a huge interest and demand for this deal, and it could easily be made into a pretty big show.

We dontate the profits from ticket sales to the Multiple Sclerosis Society. It will be held in April 2003. If made bigger, other things have to be addressed. Like a single event insurance policy, etc. I just did not have the time to get it done this year.

My new assistant Becky kicks booty....and is now keeping me on track. I ust did not want to do a bad job of it this year.

The best part is the guys that say "thanks" on the way's what we call a "shit rotation" as one seller dumps his stuff...then goes to another table and spends the money there. It's a hoot!

Kevin Deal