South Florida Zu Druid owners

I would very much appreciate the opportunity to hear these speakers if you happen to own them. I live in the Ft. Lauderdale area and it's between the Druids and Bob Brine's FTA 2000 speaker.
I will gladly reimburse you for your time and it should take no more than 1/2 hour.
I'm aware that Zu offers a home trial but before putting anyone through the whole shipping process, I'd simply like to hear the speaker first.
Thank You!
I think the best way to audition Druids right now is to buy a used pair. That gives you an open ended trial period, the option of shopping for a deal that includes little or no shipping cost and a lower price than new. If you opt not to keep them, you can recover your money in less than a week. The only problem you might encounter in this plan is finding a used pair before somebody else does. They go fast.
As for packaging hassles, there aren't any. You can box a pair of Druids just like the factory did in less than 10 minutes.
Member Gmood1 is in Alabama and now owns my previous FTA 2000 speakers. If he's not close enough for you to make the trip, he can give you his opinion.

I thought they were very good, and actually had very good bass for a single driver. As I'm sure you are aware, their sensitivity is not even in the ball park of what you get with the Druid. The deal breaker for me is that they wouldn't play loudly enough in my 26 X 16 room. Now mind you, I do like to play my music louder than most, so this might not be an issue for you. But when I want to crank, I don't want to feel limited. And Bob's speaker just gave up the ghost too soon for my taste.

As Oz has pointed out..the FTA's aren't super sensitive. But with a very benign impedance, 50 wpc channel is still plenty for most rooms. Also as Oz has pointed out,it will depend on your taste in music whether they're a speaker for you.

Not sure if your familiar with most single drivers. Most don't go below 80 hz. This is one thing this speaker does very well..which is get low. You'll give up ultimate SPLs though and maybe that last bit of air. Being a TL speaker..the bass is very tight and well defined. No boomy bass from the FTAs.

Large single drivers also beam a bit. Meaning the ultimate sweet spot is small. I equate the sweet spot of the Brines too that of Electrostats like the Martin Logans and the like. Just like MLs though..once you're locked into that sweet spot, you get EXTREME midrange resolution.

There will be a trade off with any must decide what is best for you though.

Good listening!