South Florida Record Stores?

HELP!!!! I am spending the week in South Florida with my in-laws. For the love of G-d, please give me a recommendation on some decent record stores (good vinyl collections) in palm beach county, so that i have somewhere to escape and kill some time. your kind suggestions would be forever appreciated.
If you're into jazz, Blue Note Records in North Miami Beach is a good spot with an interesting selection. I bought 8 or 9 records there in early January when I was there; some nice jazz, a sealed early 70's Aretha Franklin and a nice copy of John Mayall and the Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton. Dress comfortably-I don't believe there's any air conditioning there!
Blue Note is a great recommendation.
If you want to reduce your windshield time considerably, try Uncle Sam's in Tamarac, Fl.
You can take the turnpike south from WPB and take the Commercial Blvd. exit.
Yes, they have vinyl, but it's important to note that they're not a "vinyl store" per se.
Most-if not all-of the wax is used but if you're into music, it's a great place.
Excellent prices on used cd's.
Try Kelly's Klassics in Fort Lauderdale, lots of vinyl but be prepared to dig. Also try Frank's store in Melbourne (forgot the name, something like "Play it Again"), tons of vinyl.
Hey! Welcome to our wacky scene and watch out for bad drivers.......I have found excellent vinyl at the thrift stores especially Goodwill, people come here to die and then their beloved collections get dumped. Also Backbone Music in Delray Beach is a cool place to hang with some vinyl, coffee and lounge, acoustic and electric shows. Enjoy!