Sourcing a top of the line Jvc mm

In order to complete my JVC ql10 with UA7045 arm I am trying to source a top of the line Jvc MM - not the z1-s. It must have original cantilever as I understand it’s the hollow cantilever that in part contributed to its brilliance. I rue having not bought from our Russian friend Chakster long before the recent war (I do not mean or intend to trivialise)

so can someone help me to source one please?


Dover, ''I have a mint JVC X-I-mk2 - never used it - overrated.'' This is the most

curious statement you ever made. 

Dear @dover  : I agre@nandric  . That JVC is a good  quality performer and certainly could be overrated against other vintage cartridges as the: Technics EPC100CMK4 ( stand alone version. ) opr the AKG PL 100 LE or the ADC 26 or even the Acutex flat nose 320 or the Empire 4000 D3.

But is a very good performer that in the rigth analog/phono stage rig can outperforms some of the today Grado's or even SS models.


Been a vintage cartridge maybe your JVC sample is not near its operation specs or something with its suspension, who knows but you.


Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,



best groove, to judge if you like, say, Chinese opera, you need to hear one and

in addition someone who will explain  to you that what you hear IS OPERA.

Well Dover is Kant's  follower with A PRIORI knowledge, He knew that JVC

which he never used is ''OVERRATED''.