Sources for uncompressed downloads

I am looking for Internet sources for legal (for a fee) uncompressed ("CD-quality") downloads, mostly jazz and rock. Any suggestions? Thanks
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HD Tracks +1 - thousands of recordings of live bands, totally legal and FREE. This is a true Internet treasure, avail yourself of its vast riches...

HD tracks
I don't think it's uncompressed you want, it's lossless compressed files. As opposed to MP3. lets you download in WAV and FLAC as well as MP3.

Thanks to all for your responses. Drubin you might be right, I am after sound quality's uncompromising transfers via Internet from a legitimate source directly to the music server with associated files containing all the information about the recording and with added benefits of optional printing of the cover, booklet and the ability for burning the actual CD, if desired. Naxox is offering this option for a modest annual fee already, other labels might follow. When would audiophile and high-resolution (SACD, 2K, ) recordings be available as well, that is the question.
if you want FLAC

Linn has some very well recorded music. some available in 24/192

I'd recommend, Claire Martin - Perfect Alibi from linn
Thats odd. One of the links I though I posted:
I would keep an eye on "Reference Recordings". They seem to be headed that way. I believe B&W loudspeakers also now have downloads of superior quality.
Purple Chick for the entire Beatles catalogue.
Thank you to all, collectively!