Sources for NOS tubes

Anybody have any sources for tubes that can be trusted. My prior source doesn't have inventory. Looking for 6922 tubes to be used in preamp.
Mikeg,I found the # for Tube World. It's 920-208 0353. Real fast service and good pricing.
Try Andy at Vintage Tube Services, Great knowledge and Stock availabe. Worked well with me.Also you can try Upscale Audio. Both have web-sites using same name.Good luck!
Anyone buy tubes from Advantage Tube Services ( located in Florida? Upscale Audio won't sell tubes unless you buy electronics from Upcsale Audio or at the present time as of Friday, he is out of stock on 6922s.
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i get mine from the tube man in fl.i have tested his tubes including the matching and they are as advertised.jhe has great tubes at a great price.he even warranties his tubes.deric and
A correction on Upscale Audio. I wish Mike would not make statements like that. Go you our website and there is a big page that says we sell tubes to anyone and NOT to make this kind of comment, as it is not true. The only tubes we have a restriction on is 6DJ8/6922/7308. And 6SN7....though that is going to change in a few months as we have made a large buy that will allow us to service other folks that need driver grade 6SN7. On most of these "Valvo" 6DJ8 that is being offered at many dealers, that tube is a Tesla. Look at the bottle and internal structure, and compare it to a JJ or Tesla.Where the pins come into the glass the wires are red in color. Easy to spot. We have a giant inventory of tubes, but old production western European 6922's are history. We were having experienced guys that know the ins and outs ordering bunches every week, or more. Our stocks would have been depleted in 6 months. As it stands we will have stocks for many years. If it were about just getting the money I would cut them loose, but I have a commitment to the people that bought their gear from us. If someone is doing a complete re-tube that includes includes their power amp or maybe eight other tubes we try to accomodate them on a case by case basis. Mike is a nice guy that has bought tubes from us in the past so it pains me to say no. It's not because I want to.
Andy at Vintage Tube Services. He knows tubes, and has excellent test equipment. He has never let me down, either with recommendations or with the tubes I have bought.
This is a correction to my last response. I was only referring to the 6922 tube. I didn't know there has been such a run on these tubes. If I was looking for another tube I would have been able to buy them from Kevin Deal. Of course my first choice for any tube would always be to buy them from Kevin Deal in the future.
Regarding Upscale Audio. Whilst you can respect their stance on 6922 NOS due to their rarity-I wouldn't bother with them. I e-mailed an enquiry and got no response,none,zitto. Plain bad manners. Ben
Sorry, Ben. I looked and what you say is true. I get fifty e-mails a day, many of which are a "quick question" which I may not be able to service. I started today at 6:30AM and it's now 8:20PM...and I am not done yet. I have a cut and paste "sorry I can't help" I usually send out in instances like this, but was going to answer you. But it piles up. Tons. I send out three and four come back. So you are in the pile....sorry. Much of our biz is from guys bored at the office....but along wit that are loooong questions. And most folks don't realize how much of it there is. We may go to on-line ordering. I like the one-on-one stuff to get into my customers heads, but e-mail is killing it.
The power of Audiogon. And a reply I did get. Better late than never. Thanks Kevin. Regards, Ben