Sources for Independent artists music

I just found this website:

They are a distrubutor for independent artists, looks pretty good, and a good deal for the musicians too. I'd be interested to hear about what other sources are out there for CDs or LPs from independent artists.
CDBABY is the best. Great selection, fast service, cheap.

Their search engine is fun for finding new music.

I have also found some "big name" artists that have released their music thru CDBABY as well.
THat site is great! Great blues.

Not a bad site.
Just ordered three off the $5 special list. Looks promising.
I am currently listening to a CD purchased from there!!!! I have many of them.
Wow! I just found it and did a search before posting. This is just plain fun to browse -- don't you love the music selections by mood (e.g., to cook dinner by or to drink alone by)? Fantastic.
CDBaby is the best I've found so far. There are several specialty sites that carry either independent or lesser known hard to find artists.