Sources for 8 amp audiophile fuses

Anyone have a good source for large 8 amp fuses for my monoblocks?

What kind of sound are you looking for?  Fuses sound different.  What monoblocks do you have?

Need 38mm size.
I own Dale Pitcher's Essence Jasper MkII monos. 

The only reference I could find is a 10mm x 38mm fuse size (0.406x1.5"), such as this:

This is a nonstandard fuse size with regards to audio equipment and there is not a vendor who makes an audiophile fuse of this size.  The best I could recommend is to buy a bunch of the above "littlefuse" brand (I would recommend a slo-blow for your amp, like the FLM series above).  You can use some of them in the amp.  I would contact Audio Magic directly and ask them if they would do a treatment on your size fuse (you could send them a bunch of fuses).  What Audio Magic does is take a normal 5x20 or 6x32 size fuse and drill into one of the end caps.  They fill the fuse with an anti-vibration solution (they have different solutions, even bee's wax).  Then they re-solder the hole to seal the fuse.  They actually use the "littlefuse" brand for these upgrades.  It may cost you more than a standard Audio Magic fuse, but this may be your only option.