Source & specs for LP poly outer bags

I know of, but anyone have other sources for poly bags for LP jackets.

Are bags good, even?

Preferred thickness? 5mil ? 3 mil ?

Do any of you also bag box sets?

Thanks in advance.

If you're in the UK try They do inner and outer sleeves
I'm told they're effective at protecting the album covers from showing circular disk wear.
I'm a vinyl newbe but...Would'nt the plastic bags cause static?
For all things to help you archive & protect your collection of anything: .I believe their bags are 3mil.
I've heard the 5ml bgs greatly improve bass resolution compared to the 3ml ... but be sure to adjust VTA for the extra 2ml when you play a record that has been stored in a 5ml bag.
The bags are best gotten from the best conservator source I have found: Billy Bags. Do not let the name shy you away. The above is true about preserving jackets from label induced cicles. Its kind of sliding a ... nah, better not. Anyway, the reason to get the 5 ml. is because they detiorate in the presence of oxygen. So the big stiff bags become flacid (oh not again!) Of course the other question posed by conservators is what medium should be used directly against vinyl, all usual offerings being vinyl with sometimes rice paper inside. They say acid free paper. I think that has great merit as a combo with sleaves.