Source recommendation

My system consists in the following:
Bel Canto Pre2
2 Bel Canto M300 mono-blocks
Cd Player Marantz CC4001
Speakers: Proac Response D2
I am interested in upgrading the source and would like to receive recommendations on how to do so, if buying a new CD player or a DAC.
In the case of a DAC which one will have a better synergy with the rest of my system?
I listen mainly to jazz
There are several Bel Canto units for sell in the classifieds.I bet one of them would work well with you other Bel Canto equipment!!Just a thought.Good luck.
Get a Bel Canto DAC3. Sounds wonderful with Jazz, or any type of music.
You can always look at a unit like the esoteric sa50 that performs well as both a stand alone dac and a cd player.
I'm hooked on Bel Canto. The DAC 3 is spectacular sounding! If I were in your shoes, I'd sell the Pre2 and replace it with a DAC 2.5 or 3.5 depending on what you can afford. Along with dac functionality both of these units have analog input and remote volume control. There's no need for a separate preamp. You can use your Marantz CC4001 as a transport. You should hear a stunning improvement with this upgrade.
Audio aero or Metronome.Will match the Bel Canto well,methink...

Alternatively,EAR Acute or Acoustic Art..

Those players above are known for giveing the feel of'intimacy' which is important for Jazz
Thanks to everyone for their input