Source or Amp in audio link?

I'm wondering if you feel the digital source or the amplifier is more important in the chain of components? Yes, I know they're both important to the overall sound, but if you absolutely had to parcel out the dollars, how would you do it?

For example: Let's say I have $2000 and no more to spend on both components, to achieve the best sound within these parameters should the majority of my money go to the digital source? To the amplifiction? Or what?

I've always felt the better the digital source the better the overall sound.

I welcome any and all comments or thoughts.

Thank You

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Tpsonic is correct, but that doesn't lead me to conclude that one should spend more on digital than an amp.
IMHO, you'll get a more satisfying system short term, and better value for your money long term, by putting more $ into the amp. Digital depreciates too fast. If you're patient, and watch the auctions closely, you can sometimes get decent digital for $30-35% of MSRP. For a good amp, you'll always pay 50%, maybe 60% for a hot piece. If you buy last years' digital on the cheap, you can get a nice amp that will keep you happier longer.
Just another viewpoint...