Source of Static?

I'm experiencing intemittent static through both speakers. Not only that, but the volume momentarily drops while static is heard. It sounds like an incomplete connection. 

I skimmmed through past threads and one possibility, it seems, is a bad solder joint in my integrated. 

Unfortunately, I don't have another amp to swap into the system.

Any suggestions for other things to try, before I send amp back to manufacterer? 

If it is new then yes a bad solder joint is the odds-on favorite. If it is old then try the old spray and twist to clean the pots.
What are you working with OP? Pretty sterile description. You're running an integrated? It happens no matter the source? Volume control goofin' up..

I have a LOT of older gear, a dirty pot will do exactly what you're describing..

Hope you find it..
Lotso luck. It's a daunting task to attribute fail to a component without being able to substitute.

Nothing is more than 5 years old:

Wells Audio Majestic Integrated  
Aqua La Voce S2 DAC
Moon 260D CD Transport
Sorry-- 65 year old brain is distracted this morning-- the speakers are at least 10 years old. 
Crap.. Unplug everything you can and plug it in one at a time with different ICs. Make darn sure everything is clean and no mishaps behind pinched cabling or something like that.. Vermin... chewing, and animals knocking stuff around, including the little ones.. Sneaky little guys.. LOL

Plug and unplug.. clean a bit.. 

Unplug one speaker not the other.. visa versa, AT the integrated not the speaker.. Eliminate the speaker IC, just in case.. 

Everything else cost money.. I'm out of ideas..

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Chances are it's your volume pot. Try spray if you have. If you don't, quickly turn the volume pot back and forth from stop to stop a dozen or so times  - the amp must off of course :-)

I've just had the same. Spray and manipulating the volume pot is just a temporary band aid though. I'm swapping mine out this weekend. 

I'll focus on the volume pot first, as you suggest.

If that doesn't work, I guess I'll try oldhvymec's