Source Loudspeaker Technologies?

Has anyone heard of Source Loudspeaker Technologies?
Has anyone heard any of their speakers?
The company is based out of Conn.
Any thoughts or comments entirely welcome.
Thank You
I'm interested in these speakers to. I hope we hear somthing. All that I know is that the guy in charge there worked with Jeff Joseph in a partnership.
Yes I heard there speakers in 1996. I was buying speaker cables from Bob Finch.
He was using Source Technologies speakers. I believe the model number was LS-10. These speakers were like 7000 dollars.
They had 2 10 inch woofers, 2 5 inch mids and the tweeter. They were about 6 feet tall. They sounded really good.
The bass and mids really blended in well together.

I was never in a partnership with Source Technologies, or their owner.

John Solecito was the previous licensee of Infinite Slope
from Modafferi Acoustical Labs - up until 1990 or so. they operated under the JS Engineering name. JOhn later became Source technologies.

So does this imply that the infinite slope license went from JSE to Joseph Audio ? Is something like the JSE 0.6 that I have a distant relative to the Pulsar ? I know the 0.6 I have does a lot in a small box, as do the Pulsars I've heard at audio shows.
Look like they are from China. Yes No. 
No these speakers are not from China, They are hand made in CT. They use premium parts and the drivers are Seas or other premium speaker parts. If you look elsewhere in this forum ( search Source Speakers) there are other pleased owners who love these very well made but not all that well known speakers. I own a pair of 7411A, their top of the line and to my ears they are excellent. They rarely come up for sale which says to me that the folks who have them keep them. 
Last year I went to AXPONA here in Chicago. After spending 3 days listening to hundreds of speakers including many top brands and models I returned home. My speakers still sounded great by the comparison.