Source for XRCD's or Blu-spec CD's

I did a google search, and returned very few results. I'm interested in trying out these formats, but need somewhere to purchase them from. Preferably within North America.

Any ideas??

FYI, I'm using a MF A5.5 so I can't play SACD's in case you were wondering.
You can go to Amazon and buy them.

I get my Blu-Spec CDs from CD Japan:

They arrive as fast as CDs from Amazon and they're cheaper.

I've bought a lot from CD Japan without a problem.

You can also buy them off of Ebay.

Sorry for the basic question, but what is blu-spec? Is it the same as SHM? Is one of these formats superior to SACD?
Elusive Disc, has a lot of XRCD and some blu-ray.

Blu-Spec is a process of manufacturing where a blue laser is used to. I believe it's like the process used for Blu-Ray DVDs.

SHM-CD is a super special material used to make the CD. It is usually a good mastering in addition to the material used.

SACD is a higher quality resolution recording. Blu-Spec and SHM-CD are both normal CDs.

thanks, Krell man