Source for vinyl record storage boxes?

Does anybody know a source for new or used record storage boxes (7'x13'x13') ?
check out -- down to earth audio --- larry and Debby are great ...\
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The small moving boxes from Public Storage, U-Haul, etc are the perfect size to store and/or ship records. Cost is about $1.50 per box and will hold about 110 records. If you plan to store records for a long time, you may want to cut pieces of 1/4" or 3/8" plywood to LP jacket size and place inside either end of the box to keep it from bowing out. If you are going to ship, put an extra layer of cardboard on the bottom.


Most United Rental Truck locations have 12.5x12.5x17 for about 1.25. has spiffy heavy duty metal cases for $60/ea. These are geared for DJ scene but us pinheads (who pay $50 for an electric receptical) should eat these up!
Cabco products specializes in record storage stuff.