Source for tapped spike for flexy rack

I have just finalized the design of a "flexy" style rack utilizing 3/4-10 all-thread rod and plywood shelving. All hardware is available at my local industrial supplier with the exception of spikes or cones for the rack's feet. Does anybody have a source for brass or steel spikes which are available tapped for a 3/4-10 thread? I've found a couple online, like Michael Green Audio, but was hoping to spend less on four spikes than the cost of the rack itself. Thanks for any help.
Three choices being used by members of our local audio group on their diy racks:

Lloyd Walker 2" Valid Points on special order, as he uses in his own Proscenium rack - expensive, but "the best"

Audiopoints 2.0AP-1KINT come with 3/4" internal threading - $42

McMaster-Carr brass acorn nuts - $4.34
Item# 92716A036
Talk to Adona here on Audiogon. Not sure if the have that particular threading, but their products are a good value.
Have you considered grinding the all-thread to a point. I needed one spike for a speaker and instead of buying a set I bought a bolt with same thread pattern at Loews. After grinding it to a point it worked like the original as far as I could tell. You will have a problem though if you want to move the rack to a spot where spikes aren't desired. Good luck.