Source for Shipping Boxes?

I need to move some large speakers, 54 inches tall and about 120 pounds. I have no boxes and the manufacturer is no longer in business. Anyone have a source for high quality custom made boxes?


most shipping stores (eg, MailBoxes Etc) will make custom boxes for a modest fee.
You can also check with your local branch of a major moving company. Since they pack to move just about anything including appliances, they have great materials. I have bought boxes from my local Allied Van Lines. They even took VISA.
PS: Even your local U-Haul may have the same materials. My Allied Van Lines place had a small "showroom" at their main office because a lot of people will pack their own to save money.
I would look in the yellow pages for a local supplier under the heading packaging materials. I would also call the local moving company that has service to wherever you're shipping & see if they can provide you with boxes & a discount if they're going that way. Compare rates/service & go from there. Good luck.
Come to PC Richards near by and ask for boxes. They've got tones of them and will be glad to dispose them to any asking person for free. Don't stick to the internet when you can get them within 10-15min from you and for free.
-- Ok, time for the resident cynic to chime in-- Shipping speakers, using UPS or Fedex etc. in the non-factory boxes is a recipe for shipping damage!! for sure!! Spend the money;have a moving co box them up and move them.-- Or just insist on selling them local--Otherwise,2 people could be very unhappy-- The buyer and the seller. I suppose you need to have had your 1st shipping damage;to appreciate this advice.
Hey George! Long time no speak, my friend! George is right. You'll be starting a new thread about how UPS sucks in a few weeks if you don't think about how to REALLY pack these babies.

What speakers are you trying to ship?

How far? From where to where?

Right back at'cha; Angie Baby. Didn't read anything from you, for a while, you were MIA??-- Your husband paid the ransom; Nice guy!!
The speakers are a pair of Apogee Cepheus 6. I've had significant damage to another pair of speakers in the past, but they weren't well packed by the shipper. They will go cross country with a frieght company (not with UPS). I've seen the original boxes and packing materials. It wouldn't take much effort to greatly improve on those.

Thanks for all the suggestions.
Based on anyone's experience, can you rank the shipping options out there. I'm having a pair of Proac 2.5's shipped to me, and I am a bit hesitant about UPS. Is Fedex better? Who would you contact for other shipping companies?