source for posters and photographs of musicians

does anyone know where one could buy high quality posters or large photos of musicians. I am hoping to find poster size photos of some of my favorite musicians/bands to frame and hang on the wall of my listening room: bb king, miles davis, allman brothers/fillmore east etc. also I was wondering if anyone has incorporated pictures/paintings with acoustical wall panels.(of course glass over the picture/photos would not work) thanks
i'm no artist or interior i'm not representing myself as knowledgable about decorating. i built a listening room in a barn a few years ago and to start with the walls were quite sterile. i have spent some time (once my budget recovered) adding some art and pictures to my room and entry area to make it a more enjoyable space.

i mounted some musical instruments on my entry wall, mounted Lp covers into frames, and purchased framed photographs and hung them. i also bought a couple of Navajo carpets in my listening room and a center diffuser for a touch of art. i decided i did not want any framed pictures with glass in my listening room.

entry wall

record cleaning area in hallway

doorway into the listening room

the source of my photographs was mostly you can sort thru hundreds of posters and photographs there on almost any subject you want.

i have also seen Jazz photography sold thru and
A Gallery of Fine Photography in New Orleans. The inventory can be seen online at

What a BEAUTIFUL space! VERY WELL DONE sir! I'd love to hear it sometime.

Just spectacular... has the biggest selection of posters/prints/apparel/etc.. of all kinds and very affordable. Check it out.
All Great suggestions & I have purchased from a few of them.
Mike your room & photos are awesome!!!!!!!

Another suggestion, order some open frames for LP's from This way you can change out album covers as your mood changes.