Source for Meridian M10 Tweeters

I need a matched pair of tweeters for my M10 speakers. Anybody has any sources? I want original equipment.
The link I have provided offers technical support from England as well as the USA. Original replacement parts are available as well as support in the way of factory repair / replacement.
They were made by KEF. Can you read the model numbers off them?

There were 2 models of tweeter fitted to the M10's. The early models were fitted with KEF T52 tweeters, later models were fitted with KEF T33. T52 no longer available, T33 has different versions and some are still available. Meridian do not hold any spares. There are near equivalents available, email me if you require any further information on these

Regards, Richard at

Yes, the're KEF T 52's. I had one reconed by Regnar, it's not as smooth as the original' too shrill on topo end......thanks for trying......Gene