source for long component and IC

looking for low cost 25' component and IC to run from player to amp.

Is this too long for IC at this signal strength?

have looked at Bluejean cable is there a better choice?


For 25 ft I hope you mean Balanced IC's because they should be fine. Rca's wont cut it (too much signal loss with a low output)
No it would not be balanced...

What is the longest RCA IC (my friend) can run?

20 ft may be long enough
I have Bluejeans LC-1 IC's in my home theater. The shortest are 28ft, longest 33'(rears) and I've been very happy with them. My home theater is a dual purpose (ie 2 channel) systems, and as a baseline I used shorter ICs (Audience Maestro) with my 2 channel before routing the longer set up. It wasn't a scientific comparison, but it was a/b and I didn't notice any adverse impact. It's very quiet, and no loss of signal (that my ears notice)
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We have won The Absolute Sound Editor's Choice Award in 2007 and 2008 for our Icon interconnect.

We can make any length you need.

Let me know

Are you saying you ICs are not balanced but are RCA? If so I will pass this along to my friend



My friend is not an audiophile but a 'regular' person who wants all the cables for as cheap as possible

As long as the wire is shielded and has a low capacitance spec, then you should have no problem running long RCA interconnects, IMO.
What is the longest RCA IC (my friend) can run?

It's highly dependent on the capacitance of the cable and the output impedance of your source component. Both should be as low as possible for a long run, or else the upper treble will be attenuated.

Also, the shield quality needs to be as good as possible, in terms of having low shield impedance, and providing effective shielding. That can be hard to assess, though, other than by trial-and-error. Hum and/or noise would result if those factors were inadequate.

See the following thread for some specific recommendations, including the Blue Jeans that were mentioned above:

-- Al
It's fairly easy to make DIY interconnects from href=
m>Mogami 2534
microphone cable provided one has some basic soldering

you guys are the best!
Are you saying you ICs are not balanced but are RCA?
Correct, my IC's are RCA.
Blue Jeans Cable LC-1. I have run up to 45 feet with no loss of signal and no interference using this shielded single ended RCA type interconnect.
The link in my above post should be:

Mogami 2534 microphone cable.