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Has anyone found a good online source for JVC XRCD classical and jazz CD's? Thanks.
I totally agree with the K2 reissues. XRCDs sound great and have great music but are way over priced. I go through the record bins looking for K2s and ignore the XRCDs.
I pay $20 apiece for these babies, brand spanking new. Only down side is I have to go for 20 of them for a minimum order. Great deal otherwise. I've done it twice and split the third order with a buddy. Got a good stack of those babies. As analog as a cd can get. Think I'm loving 'em? I order them direct from JVC. peace, warren (just to clarify Jond's post)
Agree with Jond. Recently purchased a number of K2's and they are outstanding. From a sound quality standpoint, I'd put the K2 of Bill Evans "Sunday at the Village Vanguard" right up there with the XRCD I own of "Waltz for Debby" at about 40% of the price of the XRCD. Check out those K2's!
For jazz you really should look at the Fantasy Records line of K2 recordings. Seems to be the same technology, amazing sound quality, and regular cd prices. Do a search on K2's, there's a thread explaining what very little difference there may be. For a list of recordings go to
Doug McLeod- "Hard to Find" is a fantastic blues XRCD
Ernie Watts- great for Jazz sax
Jacintha- also fantastic for lounge vocals
Bill Evans reissues are first rate as well.

I've not tried any of the classical re-releases yet but plan to one day. I've been buying more SACD than XRCD lately.
I like the Jacintha and Chet Atkins XRCDs.
Dire Straits "Brothers is arms"
Thanks, guys. I haven't heard them, but a knowledgeable audiophile friend in California with reliable ears says that the Cliburn Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto and the Heifetz Beethoven Violin Concerto, two famous classic performances, are unbelievably improved over any of their previous incarnations.
What are some favorite XRCDs?
Check out Elusive Disc. I don't know how extensive their offerings are, but they have a lot.
Red Trumpet
Elusive Disc
Acoustic Sounds
Music direct

Between these 4, they'll have it all!
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