Source for infrared receiver sensor

I have a Pioneer VSX-94TXH receiver that will be behind closed doors and I need to locate an infrared sensor that will plug into the back of the receiver and be located in another part of the cabinet that will be open so that the remote can activate the receiver. Any input as to where I can locate this sensor will be greatly appreciated. I have tried Radio Shack and Best Buy with no success.

I checked out the owners manual for your receiver. They suggest a Niles or Xantech receiver and show it plugging directly into your Pioneer. If you have a Plasma TV make certain to buy a Plasma Rated model. For some reason you can have interference. (I do have issues with my older Xantech unit with my plasma) I find and buy most of this stuff on Ebay.
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Thanks for the imput, I have checked out the two models shown in the Pioneer manual and have selected the Niles. One drawback is that it doesn't have a plug in terminal at the end and the company doesn't show one that does in their latest catalogue. I'm ordering a unit and then will splice a terminal on the wire for direct plug in to the receiver.