Source for good 10/3 or 10/4 Home wiring cable?

Hi All-
I have read a number of the threads here about house wiring and want to break it down to digestible doses for myself....electricity being enigmatic to me..

My 130 year old house has a hum....everywhere....
So, it's time to get a dedicated line and maybe even ground it separately I am going to try a dedicated line first, then consider an inline induvidually grounded transformer?

Any good sources of quality 10/3 or 10/4 wire? My system is right over the circuit box in the basement, so it's a short throw and I would like to get the best I can afford!

After that it is either a Topaz industrial 5kV, 0.0005pf or a 2kV Equitech grounded inline tranformer....

Thanks! And enjoy the tunes!
Check with VH Audio,Chris has some cyro'ed romex and other stuff that might interest you. Look under bulk cable on his website. Good Luck with your project!
I would also consider balancing your main breaker panel. Another consideration is the age of the main breaker panel. New ones have better connections and provide better conductivity. I live among historical homes and this seems to be a problem with fuses and old breakers. All of my friends have had to upgrade the panels or run dedicated lines. Hope this helps. Racamuti suggestions should be explored along with mine. Steve
It might be a good idea to have everything checked out.A lot of old houses have the polarized outlets hooked up backwards.Poor,or no grounds also.A friend of mine had a historical house that had fuses in the neutral,and grounds!
They also soldered connections with acid core solder causing corosion,resulting in a poor dangerous connection.
Virtual Dynamics has audiophile grade wire for dedicated circuits.
Thanks for all your suggestions....I'll have to give Chris a call or shoot him and email and will check out the Virtual Dynamics site. I am hoping to avoid complete replacement of the breaker pane and taking apart of the whole system to find the problem.....

I have an electrician coming out to check out that everything is basically copacetic, no DC leak, good grounding, etc. and make sure the microwave, big old plasma, refrigerator and other bloodsuckers are properly isolated and supplied. THEN talk to him about a possible subpanel for any of the above in some combination and a dedicated, conditioned and grounded line for the audio......

Someone has suggested that 12g is the way to go rather than 10. I would think 10 in and 12 out makes sense, but have no expertise. The 3 outlets will likely be Avatar Acoustic Afterburner 8....

Thanks for all the help and I'll take any more you might have!

Enjoy the tunes!