Source for copper wire

Hi, anyone have a source for good 16ga teflon coated copper wire?

I was hoping for something a bit less expensive than the usual suspects.

Sonic Craft has Neotec UPOCC-in-Teflon wire.

Michael Percy has some, I think.
I've already found it cheaper than both of those.

Thanks anyway.
yeah snow where?

take five audio?

fwiw the Neotech stuff is very good
Where are you? Here kitty, kitty. Here kitty, kitty.
Newark electric.

Teflon insulated Belden copper for $99 for a 100 ft spool.
I'll go in on 40' of it. Do you think it will be better than my White lightening ($20 Walmart lampcord) speaker cables?
thanks Snow

btw just joshin ya...

Lokie - for my project, I'm probably going to need 200'.

If that changes, I'll let you know.

(& yes, it'll probably be better than your Walmart cables.

I will tell you though - as an experiment, I spent $13 on 18ga speaker cable at Home Depot, and did the same thing I'm going to do with the better stuff, & it sounds unbelievable for the $$. Now, there is A LOT of labor involved, but still -- you'd never guess you were listening to $13 worth of cable.

I use the White Lightning too.

I have had tons of cables and it beat all but my Audio Note Lexus LE and even then it was a draw (give or take).

Beautiful tone, a bit bass heavy and slightly rolled off top but for $6 who cares? I like the big midrange sound it has too.

ymmv imo of course...
go to they have solid core teflon copper very cheap.
Koestner - thanks for the heads up.

I sent the guy an email making sure his solid core isn't silver plated. If not, that'll work.

Thanks again.You might've just saved me a *^%#-ton of $$.
It's all silver plated, so no-go.