Source for component cabinets?

Any information on where to purchase a wood cabinet to fit Kenwood (and other) tuners that originally came with, or had wood cabinets as an option? Finding clean old stock manufacturer component cabinets seems to be next to impossible unless you have a McIntosh which has that very active collector community. Not all audiophiles like the cold metal-only look. Thanks.
I use tbese
if you're talking about the wood casing that wrapped around some of the retro components, i'm sure you could contact a cabinet maker/carpenter in your area who could build one that one fit your kenwood. alternately, you might be able to have do some custom work for you.
There is a guy on audiogon that makes custom wood cabs. Can't remember his name.
"Core" woods systems are awesome & advertise on Agon. I bought their LP cabinets & they are really beautiful.
Good luck, John