Source for Belden 9497 speaker wire?

Anybody know a reliable Stateside source for Belden 9497 speaker wire in lengths significantly shorter than the 1000' spools that come up when you do a Google search? Planning on trying out a new pair of crossovers for my Altec 846A Valencia's and the crossover designer recommended this particular Belden wire.

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Try Blue Jeans Cable.
Try Anixter--i have had success buying less than full spools (remnants) from them. Here's a link:
Much appreciated Kjweisner!
Belden in general is a problem to buy small 'audiophile' lengths of wire.
The big companies expect you to buy 500 or 1000 or even 5000 ft spools.
And almost NO small companies sell short lengths.
I found a place years ago which sold Belden 89259 and I got 100 ft. Now noone I can find sells that short a length.

So if anyone knows of a company on the net which sells audiophile wanted Belden in short lengths please post it.
Looks like Mouser sells 100' spools of 89259.

Anixter will quote by the foot, but imagine you need to order at least 25 to
30 feet.
just purchased 12' from a rakuten jp music store, $4 per meter. $14 shipped to us 95482 zip:
If you need some let me know. Vince
Plenty on Ebay so not sure why it was hard to find.
They presently are, but when I put up the original post back in 2014, they weren't as prevalent.

Just an update, am in the process of acquiring a pair of Mast-Mutter Altec 846A crossovers from a fellow Agon-er and thankfully, he is including his Belden wiring.  So I will get to see how the new crossovers pair with a stock pair Valencia's (which I already consider to be great sounding).
So can I assume you bought some, how do they sound? 
Haven't received the X-overs yet but I hope to have them by mid-January.  I'll run them for awhile and then share my thoughts.

Happy Holidays. 
The very best belden equivalent manufacturer is 1X Technologies Cable Company. 

Much better quality at a really fair price and you can get short runs on a lot of cables.