Source For 6DJ8 etc

Can anyone advise a good source for the better/best 6DJ8 and its equivalents. The Amperex 7308 is attractive, but Kevin Deal will not supply anyone outside of the US - or at least that is what he has stated. Are there any other sources that might be more open-minded about their customer base?
You can try Andy Bouwman of Vintage Tube Services, 616-454-3467, Andy's prices are not cheap, but he supplies the real thing, tests everything he sells and knows tubes; very honest too. I have some of the Amperexes you're looking for, but I lent them to someone from our audio society who has a Sonic Frontiers line stage and also wanted them and while he liked the sound in his preamp, he had the same complaint I did, that they were noisy (really only specific to my tubes, not this type in general); I contacted Andy for him, who advised me that he had only one left. Apparently someone somewhere must have touted these tubes, because he said there had been a big run on them. Personally, I like the older Bugle Boy 6DJ8s in my phono stage, but I'm a romantic at heart. Andy, by the way, can help in identifying other tubes of this type that might work well with your equipment. Good luck!
You are indeed a prince. I like the sound of the Bugleboy 6DJ8 too, but the only ones I have are too noisy to use. Many thanks.
Try Ned at Triode Electronics - - 773-871-7459. He shows several types on his web site. You might also search with google with "6DJ8 & tube" and see what turns up. Good luck!
Try John Birck at Although he appears to have more Telefunken 6DJ8's and 6DJ8 equivalents, he may have what you are looking for. I have found his prices to be excellent and his tubes to be top notch.
Hi Redkiwi, Bruce Wenger at BWS, has the Amperex tubes you are asking about. His phone number is (703) 536-3910, and his web site is: You may e-mail him from that site for specific information. I have personally known Bruce for many years, and he is not only a wonderful person, but a highly skilled designer. I agree with Reprince comments about Andy Bouwman as well. Both of these guys are among the very best in the business. By the way, the amp featured on Bruce's web page, the BWS 845, is a hand built product by him. I did much of the artwork on the shape of the faceplate, the BWS logo and the script (typeface) and placement of same for this amp. I also did the photography of this product, featured on the site. I also do photography for Andy Bouwman, and am currently waiting on a new project he is developing, I will post about it when that happens, with his permission. I can confirm that both these guys are a wealth of information on matching tubes with components. I am sure that one or both will help you achieve what you are seeking. Best wishes!
Thanks everyone. I will contact each of those you have suggested. I am now feeling more optimistic about getting some quiet and good sounding tubes in my preamp.
I just remembered I have a contact in Australia, you live in NZ, right? Here is Glenns web site, I just purchased tubes from him a short while back, and although I do not know Glenn nearly as well as the others I have suggested here, his shipment of tubes were exactly as described. Possible interest to you, his prices are in Australian $, and perhaps there is less (or no) duty to NZ? Could be worth checking. Best again!
Be VERY careful about buying "Bugleboy" 6DJ8s. Richardson Electronics bought the name several years ago and sells current production tubes (yuck) with the Bugleboy logo and name. Do not buy any Bugleboys that are not GUARANTEED to be Amperex from the 50s or 60s.
Dkuipers is right, that's why it's so important to deal with someone who knows what the real things are. Many thanks to Rayhall and Albert for the additional sources for my tube-buying habit. And Redkiwi, Andy has been able to supply me with some beautiful, quiet Bugle Boys, vintage about 1966, in the past which lasted several years in my Jadis' phono stage (a phono stage which eats lesser tubes up within about six months). Not sure if he has any now, as he has me on his list if he comes across any more of them.