Soundwave Point Source 3.0 by Vero Research

I just acquired a pair of Soundwave Point Source 3.0 speakers and it appears one of the woofers might need replacing or repairing. I live in the Buffalo, New York area and am hoping someone could recommend a company, person, etc. who is real good at repairing speakers.

These speakers did not come with a manual so I have absolutely nothing to go on as far as trying to match up a replacement driver. I read an old post on this forum indicating the woofers were custom spec'd by Peerless and the tweeters were by Focal buy that is about all I could come up with. If anyone has a scanned copy of the manual (or even just the spec sheet) that would be fantastic, assuming there is some detailed info in it, of course.

These speakers sound absolutely fantastic and I would not want to have anything done to these to degrade the performance at all. Prior to these I had a pair of Ohm Pro 200 Sound Cylinders, so these are the first real pair of good speakers I've ever had and I'm a bit scared that something I could do would ruin their quality. Improving them, of course, would be a good thing...

I know information about these speakers is very rare and any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance...


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Your best bet would be to try and find a dealer. Its very likely that they would have some extra parts lying around from when your speakers were in production. They may also be able to send you to someone else if they can't help. The only dealer I can remember for Soundwave is Longplayer Stereo in Goshen NY. I'm pretty sure he's still in business. Distance wise, its about 2/3's of the way to the city. It's a long drive but you won't hit a lot of traffic. Definitely call first to see if he can even help you.
Although this won't help you find the woofer, you might still find this informative.
Thank you very much... Going to call this week and see if they have anything kicking around that could help...

and yes, I did read that review. Seems like he couldn't quite make up his mind about them.