Soundtracks that you listen all the way through and it's all great.

Hey! sometimes the soundtrack is so good that you don't care about the movie anymore. The music behind soundtracks can be compilation of various artists rock, jazz or mixed styles or created by one composer. Electronic music soundtracks, orchestral neo-classical and other styles I will list my favorites here in this discussion:

1. Gladiator -- an awesome neo-classical movie score with voice of Lisa Gerrard on double-CD. near 2 hours of pure joyful music uninterrupted by movie. At the same time the role of Commodus was brilliant as well as Lucilla

2. Shining -- great movie and state of the art soundtrack done by Wendy Carlos.

3. Dark City -- great electronic score by Trevor Jones

4. Pulp Fiction -- various

5. Kill Bill
Forgot to mention the Beatles' Love Album ('06, George Martin and his son, Giles...this is a re-editing of the original track elements and a re-imagining of representative works of the Beatles' career on a single disc. It was not a film soundtrack, but one for the live Cirque du Soleil show. Saw that one in Vegas one year and it was great, as is the CD).
"Jaws," particularly the Intrada edition. Probably my favorite non-rock soundtrack of all time.