Soundtracks that you listen all the way through and it's all great.

Hey! sometimes the soundtrack is so good that you don't care about the movie anymore. The music behind soundtracks can be compilation of various artists rock, jazz or mixed styles or created by one composer. Electronic music soundtracks, orchestral neo-classical and other styles I will list my favorites here in this discussion:

1. Gladiator -- an awesome neo-classical movie score with voice of Lisa Gerrard on double-CD. near 2 hours of pure joyful music uninterrupted by movie. At the same time the role of Commodus was brilliant as well as Lucilla

2. Shining -- great movie and state of the art soundtrack done by Wendy Carlos.

3. Dark City -- great electronic score by Trevor Jones

4. Pulp Fiction -- various

5. Kill Bill
1. The Insider -- more Lisa Gerrard and even some Massive Attack

2. Trainspotting

3. American Beauty

4. Rainman

Hi Fidelity
The Commitments
The Last Waltz (sorta cheating, right?)

+1 on "The Commitments" & "The Last Waltz"

I’ll add:

"Streets Of Fire"
"Magical Mystery Tour"
"A Hard Day’s Night"
"Saturday Night Fever"
"Purple Rain"
Dances with Wolves - not such a great movie, but great soundtrack

Phantom of the Opera (more play than movie soundtrack, cheating?)

Dazed and Confused

Wonder Boys
Eclectic and in no particular order:  Amadeus, Clockwork Orange, Fiddlier on the Roof (Broadway version w/Zero Mostel), White Christmas.

Zabriskie Point

Cat People

Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence

Paris, Texas (and pretty much everything Ry Cooder in the '80s)

Blue Velvet

Anything Bernard Herrmann

+1 for Bernard Herrmann.
FM by Steely Dan
The Alien Trilogy
Where the river runs black
The Ghost and Mrs. Muir
Ben Hur
The princess bride
The Mission
The Grifters
To Kill a Mockingbird
The Day the Earth Stood Still
The Shawshank Redemption
The Green Mile

Repo Man!!
The Big Chill, Ingloriouse Bastards, Death Proof

Showing my age, I guess:  American Graffiti
In addition to several of those already mentioned:

"The Umbrellas of Cherbourg" -- directed by Jacques Demy; music by Michel Legrand.

"Marry Me!  Marry Me!" -- directed by Claude Berri; music by Emil Stern.

Both are 1960s French films.  "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg" is pretty much unique among non-operatic films in that all of its dialogue is sung, not spoken, and it is also exceptional in terms of its use of color.


"2001:  A Space Odyssey"
"My Fair Lady"
"West Side Story"

-- Al
Real great bluegrass!
When Harry Met Sally

Jerry Maguire

Sleepless in Seattle

Pride & Prejudice 

Nebraska and Black Hawk Down


American Beauty
Bladerunner, music by Vangelis.
Lift to the Scaffold, music and performance by Miles Davis.
1492 Conquest of Paradise, with Gerrard Depardeau as Columbus, music composed by Vangelis.
Carmen by Carlos Saura, music and performance by Paco de Lucia.
Patriot Games, music and performance by Clannad.
Dune by David Lynch.
The Fountain.
A Man and a Woman (1966, Claud Lelouch)
The Last Adventure (1967 with Alain Delon and Lino Ventura)
The Professional (1981, with Jean-Paul Belmondo)

All French, of course.
"Magical Mystery Tour"
"A Hard Day’s Night"
"Saturday Night Fever"
"The Rose"
"The Kids are Alright"
"The Song Remains The Same"
Plenty out there on CD...

Under Fire (’83, Jerry Goldsmith, w/ Pat Metheny on guitar)(this entire film soundtrack was specially conceived by Goldsmith to be listened to straight through as you would any album).

The Carey Treatment (’72, Roy Budd...FSM edition also includes sndtr for ’78’s Coma - Goldsmith, and Fred Karlin’s ’73 score of Westworld, both of which may be more uneven).

The Taking Of Pelham 123 (’74, David Shire).

Tora! Tora! Tora! (’70, Goldsmith)

Planet Of The Apes (’69, Goldsmith...brilliant use of various ambulatory rhythms throughout)(a suite from Escape From The POTA at the end of the disc is a nice inclusion).

Bullitt (’68, Lalo Schiffrin....FSM version uses both the soundtrack album And the film soundtrack on one disc, but Schiffrin works differing magic on each and it results in Zero sense of redundancy, very nice).

The Gauntlet (’78, Jerry Fielding...only 33 minutes on the disc, but man, not a note wasted).

Edward Scissorhands (’90, Danny Elfman...the separate soundtrack Album edition would be the one you want, the expanded original film version, while interesting, offers little in the way of musical flow).

In fact, that can be said of more than a few soundtrack album versions of some big movies, some of which can be found packaged together as a separate disc in the 2, or 3, disc expanded versions...they usually are remastered for the better, as well. Like:

Conan The Barbarian (’82, Basil Poledouris, 3-disc, Intrada)

Star Trek The Motion Picture (’79, Goldsmith...3-disc La-La Land version....the last 9 tracks on disc 2 are the sndtr album).

Other titles:

Good Night And Good Luck (’05, Dianne Reeves).

Journey Through The Secret Life Of Plants (’79, Stevie Wonder...this was Sony Music’s first digital recording).

Trinity And Beyond: The Atomic Bomb Movie (’01, William Stromberg).

Citta Violenta (AKA: The Family) (’70, Ennio Morricone...only one or two musical themes, but rewoven every time and ranging in widely varying moods).

Charade (’64, Henry Mancini...the BMG version I have is in stereo).

Rio Conchos (and special track: The Artist Who Did Not Want To Paint) (Goldsmith)(an ’84 rerecording by Goldsmith that is better than his original, I would say).

Ice Station Zebra is interesting, as well. (’68, Michel Legrand).

...and I’ll +3 on just about anything Herrmann.

Forgot to mention the Beatles' Love Album ('06, George Martin and his son, Giles...this is a re-editing of the original track elements and a re-imagining of representative works of the Beatles' career on a single disc. It was not a film soundtrack, but one for the live Cirque du Soleil show. Saw that one in Vegas one year and it was great, as is the CD).
"Jaws," particularly the Intrada edition. Probably my favorite non-rock soundtrack of all time.
The Third Man. The zither is almost never fatiguing.

Forrest Gump
From Dusk till Dawn

The Hot Spot

Elevator to the Gallows
Dead Man Walking
Garden State
Jackie Brown  "I didn't know you liked the Delfonics!"
Guardians of the Galaxy 
Animal House
Pretty in Pink
The Lost Boys
Just a few off the top of my head:

Purple Rain

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Angela's Ashes

Saturday Night Fever

The Umbrellas of Cherbourg

The Big Chill


A Hard Day’s Night

Anything Goes (stage - not movie)
Tin Cup, movie soundtrack.  I tied to search it on Tidal; it wasn't available.  I had to search individual tracks.  There were quite a few tracks that were not available by the respective artists on Tidal.
DaVinci Code

The General's Daughter

In addition to many above . . . .
The Cotton Club

The Russia House

The Benny Goodman Story

Quigley Down Under


In addition to many above . . . .

Nice selections, 
None mentioned Pink Panther!
I can certainly add Mission Impossible!
Game of Thrones - I have seasons 2 and 4

Elizabeth:  The Golden Age

Conan the Barbarian and Conan the Destroyer both re-recordings conducted by Nic Raine

The Patriot



Just a few ...



When Harry met Sally.

Dances with Wolves.

The Mission. 


The Cat Stevens soundtrack from "Harold and Maude." If only they had made one. Most songs are available on "Greatest Hits," and of course, on the boxed set. I really liked "If You Want To Sing Out...Sing Out." 
I am seriously impressed there is no mention of "Jesus Christ Superstar", this is my first choice.
Gladiator pushed Lisa Gerrard into mainstream and stardom but any Dead Can Dance album, with Brendan Perry baritone diluting her wailing is much more listenable all the way thru. If in doubt, just listen to Lisa Gerrard with Klaus Schulze albums: too much of a good thing is too much for me.
Tangerine Dream soundtrack and Zabriski Point share the bronze medal in my collection: far from the best but I have to bow to my fav groups ;-)

ALMARG and DBTOM2: thank you for clearing my brain: 
Trainspotting and "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg" - Yes! Unforgettable!!!
"The Graduate", has to make the list.
Sevs, glad I was helpful. Note that Dekay also mentioned "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg," in his post on 8-27-2016. A uniquely beautiful film, literally and figuratively, with a correspondingly beautiful soundtrack :-)

-- Al

+1 for Tin Cup

One Trick Pony

Almost Famous


What Dreams May Come (and a lot of Michael Kamen's other work)

Much Ado About Nothing (and a lot of Patrick Doyle's other work)

Tune in Tomorrow

oh yeah, almost forgot Breakfast at Tiffany's
The Natural
Local Hero
Grizzly Man
Inside Llewyn Davis
+1 on One Trick Pony and Hard Days Night
This thread made me realize how much movie music I own and how it directs my listening choices.

Thanks for bringing it up czarivey.

Recent years, Abel Kornzeniowski has managed to wring out a few emotions from me with his music in:


A Single Man

The Umbrellas of Cherbourg has been added to my Roon Tidal library for listening soon.....

The Umbrellas of Cherbourg has been added to my Roon Tidal library for listening soon.....
Some of the scenes in the following brief trailer provide an indication of the remarkable use of color in the film that I mentioned earlier, as well as presenting some of the main musical theme.

I should mention, also, that inferences that might be made from the trailer about the plot are likely to be inaccurate.

Enjoy! Regards,
-- Al

Re: Umbrellas of Cherbourg

Catherine Deneuve? Oh man. I should have watched this years ago. This get queued on the video stream ASAP.  $3.99 to rent via iTunes. 

Then I'll listen to soundtrack.

Thanks for the link Al. 


Kill Bill volume 1. 

Hair original Broadway cast.  

Oklahoma movie soundtrack.