Soundstring Speaker Cables

Has anyone tried Soundstring speaker cables and what is your opinion on their performance, musicality etc.?
Many years ago I had a full loom (IC, SC an PC) of Soundstrings Tricormaxial cables. They are very very good for the $$. Very musical and sound is warm side of neutral.

They introduced a new Gen II cable that is higher performance in audiophile terms and more neutral but I have no experience with them.

Contact Len Miller @Soundstring for more info. He's a great guy to deal with.

I already own the tricormaxial speaker cables, and I'd like to try to their IC's (looking for 1m / 3 ft RCA). Maybe also some of their power cords.

Can anyone recommend a dealer or somewhere where I could purchase them?

Thank you in advance!
Review of Gen II Soundstring Cables & Power Supply Cords at