Soundstring GEN 2 speaker cable.Anyone using them?

A member recommended a company called "Soundstring Cables". They make two levels of speaker cable. Standard Tricormaxial, and the GEN II Platinum Series which is their top of the line. I never heard of this company before, but the speaker cable looks well made and there are some reviews on them (see their website). Has anyone tried either or both of these cables, and if so what was your impression of the sound quality??.

I am trying to replace Acoustic Zen Hologram 2 speaker cables with a more manageable sized cable, and it has been a confusing fishing expedition. Related to this subject, I was also recommended a speaker cable made by (the internet company) Mapleshade Audio called "Omega Micro" which another members claims is superior to the Soundstring speaker cables. HELP!!!! Need feedback from members who have tried various speaker cables. Thank you
I have direct experience with both brands,

The omega micro did not sound as good as audioquest cabling.

the Soundstring cabling in many ways blows away audioquest so you can put two and two together.

I use Sound String cabling and their Gen II stuff is amazing and comes very close to some really expensive cables.
I had a full loom of Soundstring Tricormaxial cables in my system years ago and it's a very good cable for the $$. Sound is on the warm side of neutral.

I heard Gen II is more neutral and higher performance in all areas compare to Tricormaxial but no personal experience.
Thank you for the information. I am curious if you ever used Audio Arts SC-5 SE speaker cable or Morrow Audio Reference SP-4, SP-5 or SP-6 speaker cable,or even (the better) know Nordost's new "Purple Flair" model?? How is the Soundstring GEN II cable amazing....bass, mids, musicality??

I already own the tricormaxial speaker cables, and I'd like to try to their IC's (looking for 1m / 3 ft RCA). Maybe also some of their power cords.

Can anyone recommend a dealer or somewhere where I could purchase them?

Thank you in advance!
i use all soundstring cables in my system. i just made some changes and have 2 pairs of soundstring 3ft IC's for sale: 1 pair with rca and 1 pair balanced.
My system uses all SoundString Tricormaxial cables with a few exceptions.I use a pair of Au24e coming out of my Allnic AUT step-up to the phono 1 of my Harman Kardon Citation 1 pre, a pair of Dynamic Design cables coming out of my Citation 1 into my VTL stereo 90 tube amp, and Creative Cable Concepts silver bullet connecting my Proceed transport to my tube Monarchy NM24 Dac. Beautifully neutral!!

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Hi Rebstehno, just saw your post. How can I contact you regarding these IC's? I would be interested in the RCA ones (what's the model, by the way?)