SoundString Cables

Any thoughts on their products? Interconnect and speaker in particular.

Thanks Much
i have their speaker cables and jumpers. great sound and great price.
I posted a review here some time ago. In doing so I spoke with the makers of Sound String cables, they're one of the largest commercial cable and wire makers in the world... well their parent company is of course.

Initially they were quite cost effective and presented a fine value... and perhaps still do in spite of the cost raisings.

Another online reviewer of note said with a whole system wired fromt to back with SS cables, they were well pleased.

As I recall the price points for new ICs was around $400 - $500 per pair... at that point, I'd keep looking myself.

For apreciably less though, I might not depending upon the application.

Big stage, pretty good low end impact.
i have reviewed soundstring cables several years ago on check the archives.

i own a long length interconnect and a line cord.

i find their presentation somewhat subtractive regarding treble response.

i have changed my stereo sysytem since the review. if you have anymore questions send an e mail.