Soundstage of Marantz SACD players

Dear fellow members: I have a question regarding the soundstage of Marantz SACD players. I currently own a Marantz 8260. I like it dynamics, sense of pace and tonal richness. I have one caveat with it. I listen to alot of symphonic and piano music and find that it somewhat miniaturizes the size of instruments. It is as though the soundstage has been stretched-out horizontally and shortened vertically. I have had an Audio Research CD 3 in my set up as well as many other fine players, all of which provided me with a realistic soundstage. Only the Marantz SA 14 and Meridian 508.24 were similar to the 8260 in terms of making instruments and voices sound small. I would like to upgrade to a more expensive Marantz, possibly the 11 S2 and I am wondering if it will have the same soundstage presentation of my current 8260. I would like an Sacd player to give me the feeling that voices and instruments are in the room and not being heard at a great distance.
Many thanks.
I don't think another Marantz player will solve your dilemma. I own a modified SA-11S1, and it's deep, relaxed, 3-D soundstage is one of the reasons I like it. It sounds like you want a cd player with a more forward presentation. I'd recommend you try one of the Esoteric models, though they are not as rich tonally as the Marantz, they are more immediate. One has to make tough choices.

Of course, you could just try using a Virtual Dynamics or DCCA power cord on your Marantz. That'll move you quite a bit forward too. The Virtual Dynamics will put you in the front row, some folks like that.

Then the power cord and cdp will be in a same prize class. LOL!
I never said he needed the VD Genesis power cord. You can find used Virtual Dynamics and DCCA cords for less than $100 on the used market.
Though I do know a few fellows that have spent more money on cables than equipment, and swear by it. Different strokes for different folks.

No offense meant John!
For $100 I would definitely try DCCA myself. But have never seen these selling so low.
As for the topic I can say that many Marantz enthusiasts still consider the SA-1 as the best Marantz player ever made. I have seen several guys selling SA7S1 and stick with SA-1.
At the moment I have SA-1 and Accuphase DP-67 on hand and will compare these soon. Lets see which one will stay in my system.
I run my SA-14 Balanced, and in my system it sounds quite remarkable. I own about 200 Classic SACD discs and couldn't be happier with the soundstage generated by this player in my system. I have no desire whatsoever to upgrade.
Hi Peter,

None taken... I have never heard the SA-1, but I hope to one day. I have heard several other Marantz players, all have a deep 3-D soundstage, which I enjoy. The OP seems to want to keep the Marantz tonality while moving the soundstage more forward.
That's why I suggested trying a different power cord. FWIW, Don just sold a used 6 ft PowerWave for $65. Keep your eyes peeled, you can find them. Virtual Dynamics Power 3's are much easier to find for under $100.

I'd be interested in reading your findings of the SA-1 vs. the Accuphase DP-67.

Just finished my 6 hour long comparison of SA-1 and DP-67. The DP-67 is extremely pleasing machine. Smooth disc tray, fast operating and absolutely pleasure to use. The sonics of it can be described with the same words. It is extremely musical with warm midrange and very easy to listen. Despite the warmish character it retains very good soundstage with good separation of instruments. There is some midrange magic in Accuphase and it is no way rolled of or dull sounding. The bass and treble were nicely extended and in every way up to its prize class. When I first switched to SA-1 I was pretty sure that SA-1 will lose in midrange warmness but I was mistaken. The midrange was about same warm and polite but something was added that lead to more pinpoint imaging. SA-1 has some last bit of refinement that DP-67 was missing. I think "air" is the right word to describe it. For example you hear the singers slightest breath or lips moving. Just more "in the room" feeling. SA-1 had also a bit more attack in the whole frequency spectrum.
Both players are very good with no hint of digital nastiness and it finally may come down to system matching witch player one will prefer. In my case it seems that SA-1 will stay and DP-67 must make a room for the new competitor.
Hi Amadeus

Marantz is launching the new SA 13 S1. You may like to hold a while and also hear this new player.