Soundstage Direct MOFI Issue?

Months ago I pre-ordered the MOFI one step album of Donald Fagans the Nightfly from Soundstage Direct. At least one of their competitors started shipping these around October 24. I have contacted Soundstage Direct 2 0r 3 times and they keep saying they are waiting for their supplier to give them their allotment. Is anyone else still waiting for this album from Soundstage Direct ?
You should keep contacting them.

They had so many orders over the New Years that they could not handle.

While, this isn't something one would find comforting on a personal level. it is proof that the vinyl resurrection is on full steam!

I had similar issues. Don't sweat it. They will make it right..eventually.
What is your order #

Call me 609-575-3400

Thanks Seth for reaching out  and informing me that the one step recordings are finally coming in and that you well be sending my copy of the Nightfly out Monday. Larry W.