Soundsmith Zephyr vs Dynavector 20X2 ?

Does anyone have any first hand experience with these? It is the High output MC Dynavector 20X2 I'm referring to.
The table is a VPI Scoutmaster. Thanks.
I own both carties. I also own the VPI Classic. The DV 20X2 H is my back-up carty; the Zephyr is my primary. I think the Zephyr is an all-around better sounding carty. IMHO.
What do you like about it better? Thanks.
I have your TT with theDV20x2. Mine is the low output version, though. If your preamp has enough gain, the low output is a nice step up in SQ.
Why bother with all the cliche audiophile adjectives. The Zephyr just sounds better with the VPI JMW arm. Research other threads on the Forum. Other members have expressed similar views.
I have used both in my VPI Classic. The Dynavector was very dynamic, but less refined than the Zephyr. The Zephyr recreates a deeper soundstage and is more neutral to my ears. I prefer the Zephyr on all types of acoustic music. The Dynavector gets a slight edge on loud rock, but that's all. My verdict: the Zephyr is the superior cartridge.
I find with the DV20x2 (high output) I am having to turn up the volume knob a lot higher than I did with the MM I had before so I wouldn't be able to use the Low Output cart with out a step up and I don't want to spend any more cash!
This is an expensive hobby!
I didn't think to ask, but what is the rest of your system? Also, what is your budget? I have another recommendation for you but it might be a little more than you want to spend.
My system consists of:

-Mirage OM-7 speakers with HiDiamond Speaker cables
-Bryston B100 SST integrated amp
-Rega Apollo cd player with Audreal DAC (made by Xindak)which has tube and solid state outputs. I use the tube mostly.
-HSU ULS-15 sub
-VPI Scoutmaster table
-Decware ZP3 tube phono stage (next week) Right now it's a Rega Fono

I am open to suggestions! Thanks.
You have a really nice system. I've listened to most of the components you have. They should match up very well together. I was going to recommend a Dynavector P75 phono preamp. I have both and the sound quality can easily compete with other products that cost much more.