soundsmith work on Benz or Maestro v2

My 2 year old with about 200 hours of playing time Benz Wood SH suspension is in need of attention. The cantilever lies flat on the vinyl. Have since bought a Clear Audio Maestro V2. Have only put about 10 hours of playing time on it so far. I like it but the Benz Wood SH was quieter. The Maestro V2 has a buzz just barely audible at the chair but the Benz there was barely noise when standing directly in front of the speaker. I will send the Benz to Soundsmith to be repaired but considering having more than that done. Comments I'm looking for from those who have more knowledge in this kind situation are could soundsmith turn the Benz into a much better cartridge than it already is? Could Soundsmith turn the Maestro into a better cartridge plus get rid of or reduce the noise. Sonically I like both cartridges even though they are different. I have Emailed Soundsmith and registered and got an RA number for the Benz.
I have a Benz Micro wood body H2 high output MC cart which I think is very similar to your SH and am thinking of sending it to Soundsmith also for retipping and servicing the suspension. Did you have good luck with sending yours to Soundsmith?
I have sent cartridges to SoundSmith for suspension repairs and they returned them stating they do not do 'repairs'. Only adjustments as needed in regards to cantilever replacements. Andy at the NeedleClinic in Washington State or Axel in Germany does this kind of work. I've use both of them an can recommend either to do excellent work. Andy being the person who can and does the repairs in the less amount of time. Price wise, well, take you pick!
Thanks for the reply guys. Wish I had seen them about 7 months sooner. I tried to contact Soundsmith by phone and Email but without success.That was a couple of years ago. Since then Benz has restructured the company and is making cartridges again. I still have the Wood SH and will probably exchange it for a new Wood SH in a year or so. I like the Clear Audio Maestro V2 but prefer the mid range in the Wood SH plus the base and highs are just as good as the Maestro V2. Thanks for posting sorry I did not see the posts sooner.