SoundSmith VPI Zephyr vs. AT-OC9

Has anyone owned or heard both of these. Thought on how they compare to each other?
I'd really be interested in opinions here--I'm currently using an AT-OC9MLII on my Scout and am seriously considering the Zephyr. Bpoletti--do a search as I did see one poster comparing these two cartridges who preferred the Zephyr. I'd love to hear more opinions however.
Hi guys, if the question goes to which carty sounds better on a VPI JMW arm, give Mike at VPI a call. He'll give you good advice.

I use the Zephyr on my Classic. As I have mentioned many times before in other threads, IME, it's very compatible and sounds very good. I'm sure there are other carties costing tons more that sound better, e.g., Benz LPS ($5K), but for a grand, it's very good. No comment on the AT-OC9 -- never tried it.
I had an OC-9 years ago, remember only that it sounded kind of thin which is why I replaced it. No idea how it would compare to my current Zephyr which I like a lot. I'm running it on a JMW 10.5i arm and my only concern was that it was something of a low rider until I talked to Peter and got his recommendation to raise the rear of the arm and run the Zephyr at 1.4g.
The other cart I am considering is the low or high output version of the Dyna 20X2. Anyone compare this with the Zephyr?
Yes. The DV 20X2 is my backup carty. The Zephyr my primary. So I guess that tells you which one I think sounds best.