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Too beautiful to go back to sleep

The morning sprite before the sun

black silhouetted trees that edge the world

respeak stillness as night’s undone


in quiescent twilight day is birthed

So perfect in its offering

infinite outcomes by love conceived

Immaculately separate from our suffering


To taste the dew that’s offered up

One would have to sacrifice

The comfort of one’s darkened view

The tradeoff believed that will suffice


So it’s a crow that breaks the dawn

Unravels peace that must unwind

And signals end to mornings birth

To usher deeds of manunkind


Too beautiful to be believed

timeless in its continuing

Miraculous to be conceived

So fragile in its offering



Peter Ledermann


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Mr. Ledermann,
I have been quite impressed by your informative videos, and the dedication you have to your craft and associates surrounding it

I was wondering . . . I have an Aida cartridge that you personally built and adjusted for my use . . . now that it has been updated with a new body -- could my cartridge be upgraded with a new body . . . or do I have to purchase an entirely new cartridge to obtain the benefits?

Thank you . . . and thank you for your contributions to an oftentimes either abused or overinflated industry. I am glad you are there for the affirmative side. Be well,    -- John 3:16