Soundsmith - Thank you to everyone.



Too beautiful to go back to sleep

The morning sprite before the sun

black silhouetted trees that edge the world

respeak stillness as night’s undone


in quiescent twilight day is birthed

So perfect in its offering

infinite outcomes by love conceived

Immaculately separate from our suffering


To taste the dew that’s offered up

One would have to sacrifice

The comfort of one’s darkened view

The tradeoff believed that will suffice


So it’s a crow that breaks the dawn

Unravels peace that must unwind

And signals end to mornings birth

To usher deeds of manunkind


Too beautiful to be believed

timeless in its continuing

Miraculous to be conceived

So fragile in its offering



Peter Ledermann


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Thanks for the explanation Peter. In going through my things many years ago I stumbled across a NOS B&O MMC2. I purchased the Soundsmith acrylic adapter for it and to this day still use it on a Denon DA-401 tonearm which is mounted on a completely refurbished Denon DP-3000 table. I notice some of your dealers still have the Boheme in stock so I will get one and enjoy it.
What is MY personal philosophy (not for everyone) is when I find something I enjoy, whether it’s an audio design, dinner dessert or woman? Don’t look around too much. It runs the risk of taking the joy out of what you hold in your hand.

Well said Peter. I have a Grace F9e and bought one of your ruby stylus replacements for it and have been very satisfied.

At some point you made some changes and updated your website, but if I recall, at one time you had Soundsmith versions for the B&O MMC series cartridges. Instead of numbering them though, you gave them names (again if I recall the Boheme was one of them). Can you tell me which of your designs is closest to the MMC2 and MMC1? Thank you for all you have done for this industry and for this wonderful thread.