Soundsmith Straingauge

There were some threads on this cartridge a while back. I think all the posters were reporting on what they heard at CES or other demos. I'm curious to hear what buyers have to say about this cartridge and preamp now that it's in your systems. Still a giant killer? How does the preamp compare to other preamps?

After CES, some said that it's better than anything out there, and others said that it sounds thin (but that may have been because of the system at CES.) Inquiring minds want to know.

Thanks for your input.

I attended a private affair last weekend where I was fortunate enough to hear the cartridge setup at length in a proper environment with very good associated equipment. It is a world-class combination without doubt. Show environments are generally mediocre, as you probably know, so I suggest you seek out an audition where you can hear the strain gauge properly. I assure you it is definitely not thin sounding in any way. It doesn't get in the way of music, but it may allow the inadequacy of some equipment to get through because it is that revealing. Best of all, it has interchangeable tips that make the price even more attractive.

Thanks, Win. Have you (or any other Agoners) heard the preamp section directly into an amp?


Yes, I did, and I believe that anyone would be happy with it...seriously.
I heard it at Munich. I would rather make no comments, but it has potential. I was told it was not functioning properly. It did image better than any cartridge I have heard. But, it might be thin sounding. I don't know the system. Then again, it might be that good.
Is it similar to the Winn Labs? I owned one of those years back. It used a Panasonic cartridge.