Soundsmith Strain Gauge - Thank You!

Someone tipped me off to a Strain Gauge for sale. It was a few weeks ago and I've lost track of who, it should be there in my PMs and emails but nada. So anyway I got it, and it is not here yet but I have you to thank- whoever you are!😂 Sorry but I guess I get a lot more messages than I thought😁 Thanks for letting me know. Appreciate it.
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Well the SG came and Holy Smokes what a beast! There are so many cool things about this I am gonna have to devote a whole monster review to it. For now, even right out of the box it sounded quite good. Which is always impressive. Going up against highly tweaked Koetsu/Herron is no small task. I mean, just the power cord on the Herron cost more than the whole Strain Gauge! It is on Townshend Pods, and plastered with so much Krissy magic you can't believe. Even the Koetsu was painted in TC and more. 

So we did the acid test, SG right out of the box on its own feet no Pods no nothing. Even so it was awfully good. Not there in all ways but awfully good. 

SG is a completely different thing than any other. The cartridge does not generate a signal. It modulates input current supplied by a phono stage that is not a phono stage. No RIAA EQ. Consequently the thing can be left on and this seems to pretty much keep the cartridge and everything ready to go. So many great things about this rig! Anyway after last night, got it dialed in VTA and side bias (surprisingly sensitive, just like Peter says!) with it on Pods and TC, OMG I never heard technical accuracy be so draw you in enchanting!

KennyC, touched very much you feel I'm an expert resource, but I have been very happy to leave reliable feedback. Thanks for the props!

MillerC, so great you're "getting" the SG magic early on. I'd say 50 hours is where it starts to come together.

I still contend the SG totally sounds of its best w LPSs to replace the stock SMPS. It's performance becomes way more subtle and musical as another layer of noise is removed.

And the big news for me is that my returned SGS-5 stylii, and order of six, has taken things on way further. My special order Boron stylii have gone to a new level of specialist fabrication, stylus sourced from Namiki.

This stylus is subtly improved, all the speed and transient dynamics of SG retained, but an extra level of natural warmth and bloom apparent. SG can occasionally so wow you on speed but occasionally lacking in density. Not the case at all anymore, I'm so happy w this change.