Soundsmith SMMC1 or Clearaudio Maestro on Rega P25

Has anyone compared these two cartridges, or have any comments on the pros and cons between them?

Also, I am wondering if the Soundsmith Aida/SMMC1 cartridge is compatible with the Rega P25 turntable. I have heard, for example, that the Grado and Cartridge Man Music Maker 3 cartridges tend to pick up hum from the motor in Rega turntables, particularly as the cartridge moves closer to the center of the record. Does anyone know if this is the case with the Soundsmith cartridges as well?
Hi, No Contest-- get the Soundsmith--Schroeder was using one to demo his state of the art arm at CES-- I heard the cart in both that setup and Soundsmith 's room-- excellent.

Yes it should work fine in the Rega arm.

Des W
Grados do not do well in Regas. The hum problem can be fixed, but why bother...
The SMMC1/Aida will not hum in an AC environmnet; we specially anneal the FULLL SHIELDING so that it has the best 60Hz. hum rejection possible with for a phono cartridge.

Peter Ledermann/Soundsmith