soundsmith retip shelter 301?

is there a sound difference going the retip route? what are peoples experience?
I don't know about the particular sound of that cartridge, but I have had Soundsmith re-tip 2 cartridges,most recently a Benz Micro wood body and it tracks beautifully and sounds wonderful. Great detail without sounding etched or overly bright. Cost $450 for their best re-tip.
If you are happy I am happy, but to others reading this, understand it is no longer a Benz cartridge....does not sound or perform as a Benz cartridge.
Well, Stringeen, why don't we check with Runner who posted on his SS Benz Micro and let him describe what if any differences were heard?

And in discussing SS work, it is important to also distinguish between retips and rebuilds.

I'd love to hear other A-goners opinions on if and how a SS retip might have changed a cart's sound and if and how a SS rebuild might have changed the sound.
I think that expression 'retip' is an misnomer if it does
not refer to the stylus exchange only. All cart producers
and retip services get from their supliers the complete cantilever/stylus combos. Those are than 'glued' in the tube with the 'bobbin' ( the coil on the 'iron' on some other plate). So when one get some 'exotic' cantilever with some exotic stylus combo by some retip service this may mean 'easy money' for the supplier. Peter from Soundsmith
already stated that the stylus exchange only is much more
difficult. The same info I got from a Dutch retip service.

Yes, we should absolutely be clear about whether we are referring to retip or rebuild services. SoundSmith offers both.
I have to go with Stringreen on this one at least in my case. I retipped a Lyra Helikon. I sounded good but it wasn't a Helikon anymore. Certain things are just different and I imagine it's not the same with all cartridges but you have to be aware that it's not like buying a new Benz, or even like buying a used one. need to on your first post, and as for the second. If the stylus needs relacement, the suspension system does too.
Dear Stringreen, 'if the stylus needs replacement, the suspension system does to'. Will you care to elaborate on this proposition? I am not able to 'see' any causal relationship. Besides the complexity of the repair will obviously increase as will the possibility to go wrong. Ie one get some other stylus as well as suspension. If we add the cantilever then we have 3 variables.