SoundSmith repair time

Have any of you received a rebuilt cartridge from the SoundSmith recently? How long was the turnaround time? I sent one to them in December, and got the receipt confirmation email, with an estimated 8-10 week time frame for repair. They mentioned that my cart may have suspension damage, could that be why its taking so long? I know they can get backed up, but I guess I'm getting impatient. The cart was damaged (yes, I'm an idiot) a few months before I got around to sending it off, so It's been almost a year now since I've been able to listen to my turntable.
Needless to say (I hope) when someone promises 2-2.5 months to do something and it's going on 7 months , that is entirely unacceptable. I would never do biz with a shop like this.
Have you called to find out? Peter usually takes abut 8-12 weeks for a repair, but sometimes, if there is unusual damage and he just doesnt want to give up on a cartridge, he may keep working on it in his spare time, which isnt much. Call and find out.
Peter is over extended in these cartridge repairs/updates. Look to Europe.
Manitunc, I haven't called, but I did send an email a couple of weeks ago to check on it. I haven't received a response yet.

Soundsmith repaired this cart for me in 2011 and the results where phenomenal, so for that reason I hate to look elsewhere. That time it only took about 2 months.
I had my cartridge repaired by soundsmith, I should say upgraded from a Shelter 901 to a Shelter 901ssm3! It took about two months or so.
Call them, they don't do email very well. Let us know how this turns out.

Called the SoundSmith yesterday, and got a response today. They've spent quite a bit of time working on my cart, tried a couple fixes, and concluded that it is damaged beyond repair. No charge, and returning it to me.

I recently bought another cart with a broken cantilever that should be a simple repair job, so I'll send it to SoundSmith. Since they spent so much time on my other one for no payday, I don't mind giving them my business.
I sent two cartridges to Soundsmith in mid March (Clearaudio Maestro and Adcom HPE/II) for level two rebuilds and received them both back two weeks ago.
My Koetsu Black is headed out tomorrow for the top level re-tipping service. I want to retain the original Boron cantilever.
I sent two carts in on May 5th. I just got them back today. 1 Dynavector DV-10X5 to level 2 and a Dynavector DV-20X2H to level 3.

I am listening to the 20 right now and I am shocked at the difference! It is not even in the same league as the original tip.

(But then again, I have been listening to all digital for 16 weeks )
You all have great patience. The audio market is sick. 
Not as patient as you apparently. Four year old thread. :)

Another data point.....sent in last fall, telephone consult with Mr. Lederman, repair and return.....3mos start to finish.

Soundsmith sent in for retipping on April 10th, received back on July 1st.